Friday, 17 March 2017

Tweak Your Windows and Make It Faster

Optimizing overall performance of your PC is definitely an important reality. The version of Windows today proves to have a better performance, which may relate the memory usage of other applications. For Windows monitoring as well as trouble shooting, Windows offers well-known tools like Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and MSConfig. These tools tend to be effective and easy to work with, however they represent only a tiny portion of what Windows system optimizing applications can accomplish. Many Windows optimizing programs provide you with levels of depth and detail that are intelligible and helpful merely to professional users, however, plenty of other tools can assist average users to find out what is happening behind the scene. Here is a free highlight.

These tools usually come with a combination of cost-free Windows programs which help users optimize, twist, repair, cleanup as well as accelerate your Windows. Some of the functionality you might be looking for are Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, File Recovery, File Shredder, Auto Clicker, WiFi Hotspot Creator, Keylogger, Shortcut Fixer, File Splitter & Joiner, File/Folder Monitor, Resource Extractor, Empty Folder Remover and others for optimizing and boosting your system efficiency. It will certainly increase system speed, eradicate system fault, strengthen security and satisfy all the other expectations. Now let's uncover these functionalities.

Cleanup and Restore Registry

Your Windows registry is certainly one database of all the specifics of the PC and in addition the programs installed on the computer. The device's registry could become corrupted by spyware and viruses. Advanced Win Utilities Free is made available for those who really need to clean and repair their registry. Given a device registry cleaner & repair tool, Advanced Win Utilities Free can help you check out your registry for obsolete & damaging entries thereafter help you clean them up and fix your registry, take away errors & improve your Computer's functionality.

Clean Disk

If you hope to reduce the number of needless files on your local disk to release drive space and help the computer run even faster, try free disk cleaner tool. It takes away unnecessary or outdated flotsam and jetsam from your disk drives or other storage devices like USB drives. This disk utility even can provide secure file deletion, making certain that removed files are unable to be recovered again.

Protect Web Privacy

The integrated privacy cleaner software of Advanced Win Utilities Free is meant to secure the confidential and sensitive info through process of cleaning up the various track of the browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. With only a single click, free privacy cleaner makes it possible to clear off all of the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, auto-complete info and Window's internet temp folder, run history, search history, download history, recent documents, and a lot more.

Backup Drivers

If you are experiencing an operating system reinstall or restoring a driver collapse, it has to be distressing to find the dated driver disc left behind in some dusty place, or even a whole lot worse, to surf one website to another to find a driver which is exactly compatible with your device. Backing up all of the drivers with Advanced Win Utilities Free is definitely the most dependable and most hassle-free method to prevent those from happening. It could actually output any driver you want and when you need it, just restore it from the prearranged directories. In addition, it exports browser cookies, IE Favorites and the PC registry to make them recoverable after crashes or other disasters.

Recover Deleted Files

Energized by the recent file recovery technology, the free data recovery tool is the most intensive file recovery method for regaining data via NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, UFS file systems. It helps get back deleted data like image, e-mails, docs, music, video, compressed files... from a range of storage devices including hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and the like. Now, it is possible to restore the erased files caused by unintentional removal, disk formatting, virus attack as well as various other causes.

Shred Files

Advanced Win Utilities Free has free file shredder program to get rid of any unnecessary files & folders thoroughly and also wipe empty trash can to assure there's nothing recoverable. It contains 3 deletion methods to make sensitive or confidential info shredded permanently so that nobody can retrieve them.

Fix Shortcut

When you open up a file or image, it may create a shortcut in your system. When you delete these files or pictures, their shortcuts remain, this means you need to have shortcut fixer to look for obsolete shortcuts and eliminate them thoroughly. Advanced Win Utilities Free offers a shortcut fixer that will find all the shortcuts you have got on desktop, in Start menu or every spot of the PC, and delete orphaned or worthless shortcuts to keep your PC in order.

Remove Empty Folders

Empty folders are continually created while in uninstallation and deletion. It's a problem to take care of if you should keep overlooking them. Advanced Win Utilities Free could help you locate where the empty folders are and get rid of them in a single mouse click. It may search within the specific paths and allow you to leave out the hidden folders & computer system folders for stability purpose. Now sweep your computer and restructure the folders.

Find Duplicate Files

Duplicate files are really duplicates of each other, but yet have appearances in numerous places. They fritter away user's disk space and also, you may lose files once you delete a file assuming that there's an additional copy when in fact there is not! Advanced Win Utilities Free can scan for the duplicate data and eliminate them once and for all. It helps save your PC from lack of organization, free up storage space and reduce time waste when searching for files.

Encrypt Files

To actually safeguard your own documents, memos, password lists, investment details, plus more, you can easily add passwords to them to ensure that your essential info will not get in the wrong hands. File encryptor within Advanced Win Utilities Free is becoming an opportune application having the ability to secure different kinds of files to protect against modifying, duplicating and printing. Built-in with effective algorithms like for example Rijndael, Blowfish, DES, 3DES, etc., there isn't any chance to decrypt these files without your authorization.

Lock EXE Files

In case you share the computer with others, you might need to prevent one or two programs from being launched. As for instance, you probably don't want someone else to run the tax preparation, financing or message software. The free EXE lock has the ability to take care of these situations, as it enables you to secure any executable applications from non-authorized execution with password. This free EXE lock is ideal for keeping visitors away from your confidential information.

Password Management

For those who have many login IDs & passwords of the sites you use, it has to be difficult to remember them all. Unfortunately using exactly the same ID/password for all the accounts is definitely harmful - Advanced Win Utilities Free can help you fix this. The in-built password manager can hold numerous logins inside a password-protected file. You're able to store the ID and password of bank account, social sites, communication tools and many more. It also includes an innovative password generator for making strong yet easy-to-remember password. It doesn't save the passwords within the program or upload them to a server - you are the sole one that is aware of the logins.

Auto-Click Mouse

The free mouse auto clicker application is provided to automatically click the mouse button in any programs, web page or PC games and all screen areas you choose. This free auto clicker can simulate left & right click to free your finger from recurring mouse click. It's possible to preset the click times and the delay between two clicks. It aids you to make several easy yet quite time-consuming activities, allowing you to take pleasure in the carefree life without focusing on the computer.

Auto Shutdown

Advanced Win Utilities Free comes with an auto shut down manager to help you make shutdown schedule for your computer and that means you don't have to wait up till the job is over. It may set particular time, once, daily or weekly to auto execute the shutdown, restart, standby or possibly hibernate. It will run quietly in background without using up much system resources. It enables you to set keyboard shortcuts to shutdown/restart/standby/hibernate/log off instantly as you press the correct key combinations. The application can save lots of money on electricity use and let the computer rest more often.

Create WiFi Hotspot

If you wish to use the notebook computer as a WiFi router to give all your cellular phones as well as other devices the chance to get connected to the internet, you'll need the assistance of Advanced Win Utilities Free, with a WiFi hotspot creator that lets you specify the hotspot ID & security password and choose the connection you need. Merely some clicks, you can share your internet connections wirelessly. You can also have a clear view of the net connection info, the operations performed, the configurations changed as well as the working status.

Record Keystrokes

This invisible keylogger surveillance tool tracks all of the keystrokes typed on the computer in invisible mode. It enables you to look at each single keystroke typed, chat discussions, mail messages, names of printed files and check out the websites surfed and so on while you are away. It is possible to use it to monitor office staff to make sure that they are using company's resources as supposed; monitor online activities of children to keep them safe and not to mention monitor your spouse.

Monitor Files/Folders/Apps

Advanced Win Utilities Free is really a free file monitor application intended to keep track of your files or folders. It provides each file that is being modified, created, or removed to notify the users. This function comes handy if you monitor database servers as well as application log files. Now, you'll be able to promptly detect storage subsystem problems, unanticipated steep rise in disk consumption as well as proliferating files and folders in storage servers.

Free File Splitter Joiner

If you have a big file which needs to be delivered over the net to your pals, manager, families, or stored on external devices which are smaller in size, Advanced Win Utilities won't disappoint you. The built-in free file splitter joiner can split sizeable data including audio, video, document, graphic, compressed files like RAR and ZIP, etc. You can defined the size of the chunks before splitting to store them on DVD/CD or USB sticks, and afterwards join them to recreate the original file.

Resource Extractor

Sometimes you may find convenient resources in EXE/DLL files. The resources could possibly be icons, sound clips, AVI videos and some other small elements which could be used in your websites, cartoon, PowerPoint presentation, etc. Advanced Win Utilities Free comes with a resource extractor to extract aforesaid resources from any executable and DLL files. It might output the icons of all sizes so that you don't have to pay for the icons. It is easy to scan the System 32 directory for the resources. It features a Windows explorer-like user interface and you're able to clearly see the files and related information in a file tree.

Manage Windows Startup Programs

An adequate start-up manager software is incorporated to help keep control of the startup programs. The startup manager is able to control which programs ought to be launched on computer startup and which not. It tremendously speeds up your PC boot.

Uninstall Programs

The free uninstaller software is given to remove the installed programs you wouldn't want anymore. In addition, it manages to clear the entries to make sure there's nothing left behind in order that your computer resource can be proficiently used.

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